Album Review: DD/MM/YYYY – Black Square (Invada)

Volt-filled banshee yells aplenty on this mind-altering adventure

‘Lismer’ – that’s where it happens: the point where after seven tracks of wrestling with [a]DD/MM/YYYY[/a]’s blitzkrieg of bipolar time signature experiments your mind emerges, albeit swollen and bruised, pulped by blows thrown from angles barely within comprehension. Here’s where the Canadians truly take over, electronic shrieks offering the sharpest switch in aural assault yet. But, dear listener, it isn’t their aim to bludgeon you towards a gooey end; this is a conversion mission and judging by the sense of clarification that greets each ensuing guitar spiral and percussive metamorphosis, new acolytes seem certain. Insanity has rarely felt more natural.

Simon Jay Catling

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