Album review: Deerhunter – ‘Rainwater Cassette Exchange’ EP

We just can't get enough

Eight months after they released double album ‘Microcastle’/‘Weird Era Cont’ who actually wants these five stop-gap tracks from the Atlantans? Who needs its Fab Moretti quickstep groove? What necessity is there for the quagmire of surf-guitar gone loco on the title track? Or ‘Disappearing Ink’, which sees frontman Bradford Cox dish out bottled-up battle cries like a bruised-jock-turned-failed-punk-turned-Bowery-slacker? Or ‘Game Of Diamonds’, aka the prize awarded to bands still going strong after sifting through the complete Apple Records back catalogue? Who needs this? You do. This is Deerhunter’s invitation to take a swift, woozy trip through the tabernacle of Cox’s mind. It’s short, sweet, explorative and utterly worthy of your time.

Matt Wilkinson

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