Album Review: Destroyer – ‘Kaputt’

Celebrating ten albums with their finest work to date

To anyone who experienced Hall & Oates’ ’80s reign, pastel horns, louche bass and reverb signify the decade’s worst excesses; to us, their cheesiness is as mysterious as finding flamingo slacks covered in suspect stains in your parents’ attic.

It’s in this vein that Destroyer’s 10th album gently swaggers, Dan Bejar drawing from the era’s smoothest sounds and darkening them with wry tales of “chasing cocaine in the back rooms of the world all night” on the title track, and puking in English gardens (‘Bay Of Pigs’). Bejar creates an astonishing world in just nine songs; it’s his finest work to date, and excessive, but irresistibly so.

Laura Snapes

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