Album Review: Diagrams – ‘Diagrams’

Sam Genders is far from invisible

Have you ever noticed – like, really noticed – someone who had previously passed under your radar on an almost daily basis? Well, there goes Sam Genders just now, and suddenly he’s very noticeable. With his grey [a]Tunng[/a] overalls binned, Genders is recharged in the colours of [a]Diagrams[/a], his hushed vocals transplanted from his old folktronic vehicle into this high-precision, next-generation model.

‘Night All Night’ smoulders like a campfire Minus The Bear, ‘Antelope’ combines impatiently intricate rhythms with chamber pop swells, while ‘Woking’ whirrs serenely like Broadcast remapped by [a]James Blake[/a]. Sparsely expressed, yet drenched in optimism, Genders is hereby daring you to ignore him again.

Neil Condron

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