Album Review: Diddy – Dirty Money – Last Train To Paris (Polydor)

He has all the steez of a shopfloor dummy

From swimming in a massive pile of money to his nutso turn in Get Him To The Greek via text-pesting the drummer out of [a]Arctic Monkeys[/a], Sean ‘Diddy’ Coombs is our kind of madman. But get him near a mic and suddenly he has all the steez of a shopfloor dummy. Which is why [a]Diddy – Dirty Money[/a] — his project with Bad Boy protégés Dawn Richard and Kalenna Harper — is the perfect showcase for his surprisingly spiffy new record. The chilly Euro-house stylings may be a mite predictable but Diddy proves a generous curator, laying on blockbuster exhibits and atmospheric slow jamz alike in the greatest cast-of-millions hip-hop joint since, well, Kanye’s latest.

Alex Denney

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8 out of 10