Dinowalrus – ‘Best Behaviour’

Yanks doing Britrock, and it's not too bad

Always a weird one when Yanks try to be The Charlatans. Weirdly common too, for some reason. Dinowalrus singer (and sometime Titus Andronicus guitarist) Pete Feigenbaum channels his inner Burgess to intriguing effect on this, and while musically the band’s palette is slightly wider than their singer’s – a smidgen of BSP here, a bit of early Primals there – ‘Best Behaviour’ is by no means a disaster. On the contrary, when Dinowalrus get it right, they do Britrock rather well indeed. From ‘Riding Eazy’’s shimmering funk to the dance-punk strut of ‘The Gift Shop’, there’s a lot to like – even if on paper it does all appear terribly clichéd…

[i]Ashley Raphael[/i]



  • Record label: Heist Or Hit
  • Release date: 11 Jun, 2012