Dirty Projectors: ‘Rise Above’

'A reimagining of Black Flag’s seminal 1981 punk rock album'

The fourth album from Brooklyn’s David Longstreth, aka Dirty Projectors, is what he calls a “reimagining” of Black Flag’s seminal 1981 punk rock album ‘Damaged’, but realised with violins, samples and vocals seemingly teased from Antony Hegarty’s throat while a football’s repeatedly bounced against his larynx. Although it’s got about as much resemblance to the original as Beth Ditto does to Pete Burns, you’ve got to applaud his creativity. Alas, it’s unlikely that the applause will stretch to actually wanting to listen as the looping metallic effects, heart-attack drums and seemingly played-backwards female vocals confuse more than impress. Still, it’s fun hearing lyrics such as “This fucking city is run by pigs/They take away the rights from all the kids” sung through snooty nostrils, and you get the impression Longstreth had a chuckle too.

Jamie Fullerton