Dirty Three – ‘Toward The Low Sun’

A reverence-inspiring return

When Mumford & Sons’ Ted Dwane proclaimed their new album to be “doom folk”, it was tempting to imagine Australia’s Dirty Three roaring into their moonshine at the prospect. For if any band has ever rendered elegiac folk ferocious, it’s this grizzled and glorious trio, now on their eighth album – released five years and one serious bout of writers’ block after their last. Not that you can tell – opener ‘Furnace Skies’ explores far darker, more frenetic sounds than ever before, and there’s a tense sadness in the splashy drums. Warren Ellis’ lyrical violin-playing is so profound that all thoughts of soundbite-prone shysters slip away. A reverence-inspiring return.

Laura Snapes



  • Director: Casey Rice and Dirty Three
  • Record label: Bella Union
  • Release date: 12 Mar, 2012
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