DJ Hell: Misch Masch Vol 3

Machine music: slight rusting at edges

Five years on, DJ Hell still hasn’t completely abandoned the electroclash project. Quite right, too. One half of this double-CD set is taken up with Hell’s remixes for the likes of Fischerspooner and the Pet Shop Boys. They vividly illustrate that juxtaposing hard electronics and pop vocals is an idea that, if done properly, will never feel old. CD1’s straight techno mix, however, is more problematic. Returning to his roots, at a time when techno is flush with a new irreverent creativity, Hell includes ultra-modernist anthems such as Ame’s beautiful ‘Rej’ or Gavin Herlihy’s slippery, delirious ‘Machine Ate My Homework’ but often falls back on big, relentless grooves which smack of techno’s boring past.

Tony Naylor