Album Review: DM Stith

'Heavy Ghost'

Facts about this album:

* Although he grew up in a musical family, as a child DM Stith confined himself to poetry and painting.

* David Stith helped My Brightest Diamond’s Shara Worden to record her ‘Bring Me The Workhorse’ album

* DM Stith’s debut EP, ‘Curtain Speech’, was released last year.

Album review:

Much like the title of his debut, Indiana’s curious ringmaster Stith is a contradiction in terms. Don’t be put off – he’s a contradiction worth losing yourself to. There’s a time between sleeping and waking that’s occupied by DM Stith – weaving our sleep with hypnotic spells, wild chorals, plucked strings and primitive keys. Each venture tiptoes between the soul-digging of Antony Hegarty, the ‘Mojo Pin’ fragility of Jeff Buckley and the experimentation of Grizzly Bear. In David Stith’s morphine wonderland “we’re all stars” against the moonlight on ‘Thanksgiving Moon’, before dawn gives way to the sparkling ‘Fire Of Birds’; “I couldn’t charm my way back to you…” he surrenders on the latter. Not so fast, David: you’ve certainly charmed us…

Kat Lister

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