Album Review: Doom

Born Like This

Facts about this album:

* DOOM is the new guise of hip-hop artists MF Doom.

* Doom has also collaborated with Madlib in Madvillain and Dangermouse in Danger Doom.

* ‘Born Like This’ is his first album under the new DOOM moniker.

Album review:

MF Doom has dropped the MF (he got confused with MFI once too often), and offers us what he calls his “definitive album”. Translation: more loping, sci-fi-heavy, superhero-obsessed hip-hop with old-school production values. In reality, while it’s a step down from both ‘VV’ and his Danger Mouse work, it at least might be his definitively stoned record. Mostly, the masked man’s keen imagination makes for an inventive ride – frequent collaborator Ghostface Killah and Wu-mate Raekwon bring professionalism to the sweeping ‘Angelz’. Left to his own devices, Doom can become one-paced. Like all introverted potheads, you sometimes wish he’d find the remote and put some trousers on.

Gavin Haynes

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