Album review: Dot Allison – ‘Room 7 1/2’ (Arthoused)

Special guests, but still not very special

[a]Dot Allison[/a]’s famous friends can’t help her. [a]Paul Weller[/a] appears on ‘Love’s Got Me Crazy’ (an ‘On The Wings Of Love’ for ageing Britpop fans) which is nice, but ultimately still smells like a fromagerie during a summer power cut. The trouble here is Allison herself. Her singing on ‘I Wanna Break Your Heart’ is so painfully cracked, she makes co-vocalist [a]Pete Doherty[/a] sound like Antony Hegarty. The best thing you can say about her vocals is that when she’s in key (as on the amazing ‘While She Sleeps’) she’s very dreamy. Trouble is, unlike after a dream, this experience doesn’t evaporate immediately.There is still evidence that something unpleasant has just happened, like the taste of vomit in the mouth, or a shit stain in underwear.

John Doran

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