Doves : Caught By The River

Bring peace to someone with Doves...

Perhaps an obvious choice, the third single from [a]Doves[/a]’ glorious ‘The Last Broadcast’ is a return to the straightforward, acoustic, radio-friendly feel of their early hit ‘Catch The Sun’. But underneath the musical simplicity, [a]Doves[/a] maintain an emotion only matched this year by Coldplay. Like that Manchester legend of yore Morrissey, they manage brilliantly to take a fundamentally melancholy song – the narrative tells the story of a father watching helplessly as his son’s life unravels – and make it empowering, uplifting, anthemic. More than a handy stopgap before their UK tour next month, ‘Caught By The River’, is also handy reminder that there’s more than one band this year capable of putting America – ahem – in its place.

Julian Marshall

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