Album Review: Duke Garwood – Dreamboatsafari (Fire)

Affiliate and drumming buddy of Archie Bronson Outfit's release of treasured jams

This is very much a pestilential record. It treasures ooze and seep, as if what is contained within was somehow originally part of a more polished, finished thing, from which key parts have been willfully allowed to rot off. Essentially a collection of home recordings by this [a]Archie Bronson Outfit[/a] affiliate and a drumming buddy, ‘Dreamboatsafari’’s songs are fragmented, ragged affairs; they’re often little more than loose jams and whispers. Skeletal percussion is given the illusion of flesh under a covering of drones, scrapes and rusty emulations, and hearty burps from a leprous saxophone. If it’s the blues, it’s a very Beefheart blues; which is, of course, the very best kind.

Frazer McAlpine

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