East India Youth – ‘Hostel’

Layers of looped keys meld with live drums and sampled percussion on immensely creative EP

The 22-year-old William Doyle was once the Doyle in indie also-rans Doyle & The Fourfathers. He felt stifled as their frontman, so he’s gone solo and electronic. The result is the immensely creative ‘Hostel’ EP. Layers of looped keys meld with live drums, sampled percussion and swirling organ warmth on ‘Looking For Someone’. But it’s ‘Coastal Reflexions’ that best shows how many ideas there are here: a nine-minute journey that begins as a sinister post-apocalyptic version of the Shipping Forecast and ends in a bashing electronic climax Dan Deacon would be proud of.

Simon Butcher



  • Record label: The Quietus Phonographic Corporation
  • Release date: 01 Apr, 2013
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