East India Youth – ‘Culture Of Volume’

Ambitious producer Will Doyle's second album takes a journey through pop, techno and ambient

‘Total Strife Forever’, the enthralling, Mercury-nominated debut by East India Youth combined singer-songwriter nous with glimmering electronica and flashes of neo-classical music, making it hard to predict where London-based Will Doyle was going to go next. Rather than settling on a unified feel, second album ‘Culture Of Volume’ also delights in genre-hopping, but it’s less abstract and more coherent than its predecessor. There are two straight-up pop songs (the Pet Shop Boys-like ‘Beaming White’ and ‘Turn Away’), forays into bracing techno (‘Hearts That Never’, ‘Entirety’) and ambient pieces that again show the influence of Brian Eno (‘Carousel’, ‘Montage Resolution’). Only the overlong ‘Manner Of Words’ holds up the natural flow of this thoughtful, original record, which seems to have more studio polish than ‘Total Strife Forever’, but was also written and recorded by Doyle at home.

Phil Hebblethwaite



  • Director: Will Doyle
  • Record label: XL
  • Release date: 06 Apr, 2015
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