Album review: El Guincho – Pop Negro (Young Turks)

Grab your headdress and slurp that pina colada; El Guincho's tropical soul is an infectious brew

From the first steel drum thwack and insatiable handclap of opener ‘Bombay’ right through to the ambient serenity of ‘Danza Invinto’, [a]El Guincho[/a] (aka Barcelona’s very own Pablo Díaz-Reixa) recalls all the tropicalia and beach-lusting melodies of [a]Animal Collective[/a], [a]Panda Bear[/a] and [a]Fool’s Gold[/a] put together. Combining afrobeat, dub and more samba slickness than you can shake a headdress at, the frenzied carnival rhythms of ‘Pop Negro’ will spark a fire in your newly tropical soul that will still be smoldering come next year’s Mardi Gras. Don’t be surprised if you start taking Spanish lessons in the hope of unearthing just what the Hispanic hipster is crowing about.

Sam Rowe

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