Embrace – ‘Embrace’

An unnecessary comeback after eight years away

Embrace’s self-titled sixth album is their first since ‘This New Day’, eight years ago. In the intervening years, clamour for a new Embrace album has been minimal, so the question of “why?” hangs over the record like a Saharan dust cloud. A more specific question that arises while listening to lead single ‘Refugees’ is, “Is that a fucking vocoder?” Putting it kindly, Danny McNamara’s voice was never the best, but at least it was honest; on ‘Refugees’, he sounds like Kano. The falsetto on ‘Quarters’, meanwhile, borders on embarrassing. Although ‘I Run’ and ‘At Once’ are the sort of soaring tunes they always did so well, on the whole there’s no compelling answer to that initial question: why?

Andy Welch



  • Record label: Cooking Vinyl
  • Release date: 28 Apr, 2014