Esben And The Witch – ‘A New Nature’

Only Steve Albini's production lets down this dramatic third from the gothic Brighton trio

According to legend, a young PJ Harvey once wrote to post-rock pioneers Slint to ask if she could be their singer. If the collaboration had come off, it might have sounded like this third album of windswept epics from gothic Brighton trio Esben And The Witch. Thomas Fisher’s sparse, creeping guitar thrashes gloomily from delicate to deafening throughout ‘A New Nature’, while vocalist Rachel Davies makes for a commanding narrator, especially on the ghoulish intro to ‘Those Dreadful Hammers’. Production comes from Steve Albini but here, unlike his work with (well, wouldn’t you know) PJ Harvey and Slint, his less-is-more approach is the only point of weakness on an otherwise impressively dramatic record.

Robert Cooke



  • Director: Steve Albini
  • Record label: Nostromo
  • Release date: 01 Sep, 2014
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