Euros Childs: Bore Da

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Euros Childs’ first solo effort, 2006’s ‘Chops’, was disappointing, considering how great his previous band Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci had been. But the good news is Childs has made a quick and infinitely superior follow-up. ‘Bore Da’ (which translated into English means “good morning”) comes across as a much more confident record. And it’s a catchy bugger on the whole too, even though it’s sung entirely in Welsh – his native tongue. That won’t stop anyone enjoying the pop rush of ‘Henry A Matilda Supermarketsuper’ or the folky singalong ‘Ar Lan Y Mor’. Best of all, the title track and album opener recalls classic Gorky’s by switching from a sun-kissed pop gem into a haunting Celtic lament. Seems like Childs has had to go back in order to find a future.

Alan Woodhouse

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