Album Review: Faust – Something Dirty (Bureau)

The ill marriage of experimentation and eccentricity

The title of this album might well refer to the fighting technique of [a]Faust[/a]’s chief nutter Jean-Hervé Péron, who once biffed a member of [a]British Sea Power[/a]. It’s certainly a messy record, made by half of a broken legend: following a schism, there are now two [a]Faust[/a]s led by two original members, with this being the looser incarnation.

Here, the experimentalism is so slipshod you’re left worrying songs might fall to pieces while listening, taking your stereo with them. ‘Lost The Signal’ is a meandering hippy jam that ends in a threadbare wigout; ‘Whet’ the detritus on the studio floor. Unfortunately, the dirt here hides a multitude of sins.

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Luke Turner


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