Fear Of Men – ‘Loom’

Ambient and anxious pop forms the Brighton group's debut

While the pristine glass surfaces of Fear Of Men’s lilting guitar pop offer an illusion of tranquillity, beneath the beauty lie troubled depths. The group’s musical inspirations are clear enough, encompassing the amber glow of New Zealand’s The Chills (whose ‘Pink Frost’ Fear Of Men regularly cover live), the chiming indie pop of The Smiths and The Sundays and the ambient song drift of Grouper and Julianna Barwick. Themes of anxiety and eroticism recur throughout Jessica Weiss’ lyrics, creating a disorientating dreamscape suffused with oceanic imagery, cresting with previous single ‘Green Sea’ and the ambitious swell of ‘America’. Psychological trauma aside, there’s a warmth to Weiss’ soft, sighing vocals and Daniel Falvey’s rippling guitar textures that lifts ‘Loom’ to the heavens.

Stuart Huggett

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