Filthy Boy – ‘Smile That Won’t Go Down’

Arch lyrics and louche vocals ahoy

The wait for Franz Ferdinand’s fourth album is stretching into ‘Chinese Democracy’ territory, but if arch lyrics and louche vocals are what you’re missing then let this fill the gap. As their name implies, Filthy Boy are a smutty proposition. Like Kapranos, singer Paraic Morrissey has the knack of sounding like he’s casually sparking up a post-coital cigarette, but there’s less of a pop cushion here than with Franz. ‘Naughty Corner’ is like Sweeney Todd down the indie disco, while ‘Spiral Eyes’ has a dark heart plucked straight from the Nick Cave School Of Indecency. All in all, pretty disgusting.

Lisa Wright



  • Record label: Stranger
  • Release date: 01 Apr, 2013