Album review: Foreign Beggars – ‘United Colours Of Beggatron’ (Dented)

Genre-blending grime tricksters come up with a patchwork second

[a]Foreign Beggars[/a] mangle everything from classical to death metal and have established themselves as a grime force that defies expectation. A fact proven further by the we-don’t-give-a-Diplo title of their latest album. Six years on from their lyrically accomplished and raw debut, ‘Asylum Speakers’, have they managed to recreate its urbane freshness? Well, it’s hit and miss. At times the production feels flabby, and it’s disappointing to see them in well-trodden ‘thugs and bling’ territory. But there are also moments, such as ‘Contact’, when their creativity and ability to surprise makes them reminiscent of mould-crushing pioneers Danger Doom.

Elizabeth Sankey

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