Foxes – ‘Glorious’

Candy-coated kookiness from Southampton's latest export

Foxes, aka Louisa Rose Allen, is kooky: we know this because, in the video for her first UK Top 10 hit,
‘Let Go For Tonight’, she becomes embroiled in an actual cupcake fight. Still, the Southampton starlet’s debut ‘Glorious’ gives good pop. ‘Youth’ and ‘Talking To Ghosts’ do a solid job of impersonating Bat For Lashes minus the art-school trimmings. ‘Holding Onto Heaven’ possesses a bombast befitting its grandiose title, while the aforementioned ‘Let Go…’ is bigger still — it’s practically Bonnie Tyler’s ‘Holding Out For A Hero’ in Aztec-print disguise. The formula wears pretty thin towards the end – bee-stung emoting in the verses, splashy catharsis in the chorus – but ‘Glorious’ is no failure.

Alex Denney