Album Review: French Horn Rebellion – The Infinite Music Of French Horn Rebellion (Once Upon A Time)

FHR seem so caught up in being hipster douchebags they're oblivious to the fact their album is rather soulless

There’s been a trend for scum-sucking ad companies, having had bands refuse to collude in their meretricious ways, deciding to stiff them good and proper by getting some spods in The Pop Factory to copy their songs note-for-note. When their career as professional hipsters and all-round douchebags inevitably fades (New York-based, mates with [a]MGMT[/a], like to talk about it), it’d be the perfect job for [a]French Horn Rebellion[/a] – every song on their offensively long debut is a soulless, shit imitation of [a]Daft Punk[/a]/[a]Ariel Pink[/a]/[a]Phoenix[/a] (delete as applicable) fed through some dusty equipment found in [a]Kitsuné[/a]’s loft in a box marked 2005. No.

Laura Snapes

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