Album review: Fryars – ‘Dark Young Hearts’ (Bandstocks)

Charmingly overreaching new romantic bedroom popster finally makes his debut

For an album that’s been so long in the making Joe Lean was probably telling him to pull his finger out, the change to [a]FrYars[/a]’ sound since he started is microscopic. Yes, it still sounds like [a]Spandau Ballet[/a] and the lyrics are still cringeworthy, but when his heavy-handed crooning chugs on through Pretensionville it’s easy to mentally ruffle his hair and overlook it, because at least he isn’t whinging about his shit hometown or brooding over some imagined hipster code. And with such a comfortable proportion of the album sounding like [a]Duran Duran[/a] and the lopsided music box charm of ‘The Ides’ reminding us all how rad it is, this record isn’t a fifth as clever as it thinks it is. It’s glorious in a dozen other ways, though.

Rebecca Robinson

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