Gabriel Bruce – ‘Dark Lights Shine Loud/A Brief And Selfish Lover’ EP

The sound of a guy that is filthily tormented

According to George Orwell, every one of us will be lumbered with the face we deserve by the time we’re 50. Half a century of clean living will bless you with a delightful visage, but years of debauchery will hideously scar you. So, over the next few decades, expect Gabriel Bruce’s chiselled cheekbones to sag, because beneath his Dorian Gray dapperness lurks a misanthropic beast, and seediness leaks out of every pore of ‘Dark Lights Shine Loud’. There’s the reference to “[i]incestuous sheets[/i]”. There’s his underworld baritone, which crackles as he whispers, “[i]One day we’ll all be dead, so let’s misbehave[/i]” on ‘Zoe’ with a Leonard Cohen-like glint in his eye. Also on that song – a grandiose, organ-led Nick Cave romp – he begs for mercy at the feet of a deity. But atoning for his numerous sins would take a whole load of Hail Marys, and we’re inclined to leave his soul tarnished if it makes him sound as filthily tormented as this.

[i]Ben Hewitt[/i]



  • Director: Craig Silvey
  • Record label: Mercury
  • Release date: 23 Jul, 2012