Album review: Gary Go- ‘Gary Go’

Did someone order the vanilla bland-cake?

When it comes to ‘emotional music’ box-ticking, Gary Go’s pencil must be worn down to the rubber. Self-taught and self-produced (well done there, at least), on this self-titled debut we get Ryan Adams-lite piano odes in ‘Brooklyn’; scuzz-aimed crossover in ‘Refuse To Lose’; while, if Jacko’s ‘Earth Song’ moved you, so will nonsense such as “Whatever happened to living without fear?/Whatever happened to peace all over? It’s such a strong idea”. ‘Wonderful’’s Coldplay support slot-courting bombast exhorts, “We are all miracles wrapped up in chemicals/We are incredible” and you can’t help but feel that Gary Go’s biggest ambition is to be on the soundtrack for The Hills.

Jason Draper

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