Album Review: Gayngs – ‘Relayted’ (Jagjaguwar)

A record that so wholly rejects the status quo

Beware: this album is decadent and sprawling and playing it loud will get you beaten up by righteous indie fans. And it’s all the better for it. Apparently inspired by Ryan Olsen’s passion for 10cc’s ‘I’m Not In Love’, no record of the last two decades has so wholly rejected the status quo. ‘Relayted’ is the soundtrack to being strung out in the back of a cab hurtling through a neon-lit city at 4am in 1983 looking for carefree thrills and sybaritic joys. ‘The Gaudy Side Of Town’ and ‘Spanish Platinum’ sound like the tipping point between hazy narcotic fug and urban paranoia that Tricky used to do so well, while ‘Faded High’ bubbles along like Kraftwerk’s ‘The Model’ queuing up for Studio 54. Antique keyboards pulse, fretless basses thrum and a variety of voices echo in and out, underlying the trippy feel and making this pretty much the most scintillating and daring record of the year so far. Buy it. Play it. Get beaten up for being different.

Anthony Thornton

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