Album Review: Gazelle Twin – ‘The Entire City’

Art-pop triumph

Props to Gazelle Twin, alias Elizabeth Walling, for dispelling the myth that costumed popsters are destined to set up shop, suckle the drooping teat of gimmickry and leave, empty-handed, -brained and -souled. On stage, Walling becomes a sexually ambiguous, Max Ernst-inspired creature of the night, whose wildly unhinged moans sound like [a]Fever Ray[/a] joining hands with [a]These New Puritans[/a] at winter solstice and cavorting round a totem pole.

From choral chill (‘Concrete Mother’, every inch the loveless monolith its title suggests), to jittery ‘Hail To The Thief’-era [a]Radiohead[/a] malaise (‘Men Like Gods’), it’s a triumph of art-pop splendour – equal parts terror and temerity.

Jazz Monroe

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