Girl Talk

Night Ripper

Pittsburgh DJ Gregg Gillis (aka Girl Talk) is arguably the greenest artist on Earth; the songs on his albums are 100 per cent recycled from other people’s songs. This is nothing new; DJs have been making mix-albums since the dawn of cross-faders. What sets Gillis apart, though, is the sheer scope of his sampling. ‘Once Again’, the opening track on this third full-length offering, crams almost 20 distinct samples into its two-and-a-half minutes, skittering schizophrenically from classic indie (The Verve, Oasis) to contemporary rap (Ludacris, OutKast) and obscure soul (The Five Stairsteps). Remarkably, the rest of the album maintains that pace and yet that proficiency is also Girl Talk’s undoing. ‘Night Ripper’ begins to feel much less than the sum of its samples. Not so much a work of art, then, as the basis for a 21st century parlour game.

Dan Silver


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