Album Review: Glasser – Ring (True Panther Sounds)

Embodying slivers of post-punk, gothic ambience and digital sheen, Glasser rises beyond her peers with an emotional, melodic offering

It’s a shame ‘witch house’ is already taken, because, as a handle that suggests a potent, enchanting fusion of seductive gothic atmosphere with digital chill, it’d be better suited to the work of LA’s Cameron Mesirow than the oppressive drag of Salem et al. The likes of the high-priestess menace
of ‘Apply’, in which an lustrously aloof Mesirow admonishes, “If the walls were too thin/You would break right in”, and the gently lurching 21st century spiritual of ‘Glad’, are, like fellow dark ladies [a]Warpaint[/a] and [a]Effi Briest[/a], informed by bleak post-punk moods and tribal echoes. Here, though, they’re cleansed in a crisp, modern starkness that’s closer to [a]Telepathe[/a], [a]Zola Jesus[/a] or [a]Fever Ray[/a]. But, despite forbiddingly minimal song titles like ‘T’ and ‘Plane Temp’, [a]Glasser[/a]’s glowing debut offers more melodic and emotional consummation than almost any of her peers can muster, poised in a genuinely transcendent golden balance between the stern, the spacious and the gaudily sparkling. A very precious ‘Ring’ indeed.

Emily Mackay

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