Album review: Goldie Lookin Chain

Asbo 4 Life

Facts about this album:

* Welsh rap troupe GLC consist of 2Hats, Maggot, Billy Webb, Eggsy, Mystikal, Mike Balls, Adam Hussain and

Dwain Xain Zedon.

* ‘Asbo 4 Life’ is their fourth studio album.

Album review:

Three long years after they were dropped, you’d have thought GLC would’ve got the hint. Admit it lads, you’re not funny. And if the prospect of a new Chain album wasn’t depressing enough, this is where they get ‘serious’. Instead of songs about the dark side of doing rubbish reality TV shows, we get the likes of ‘Unemployed And Overdrawn’. On the subject of titles, note the ‘timely’ reference to Asbos. What year is this? Here’s looking forward to GLC’s 2015 album, ‘The Credit Crunch Bunch’. Not. Gordon Freame

Gordon Freame


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