Album reviews: Good Shoes – No Hope, No Future (Brille)

Lacklustre second album from former voices of suburban boredom

Following a hyped debut, London quartet [a]Good Shoes[/a] offer little to get flustered over with this sometimes dire, but mostly mediocre second album. Three years ago the south Londoners became the unlikely voice of suburban boredom and modern, social discontent, but in 2010, that impact has gone. The jagged riffs of ‘[b]I Know[/b]’ suggest there is hope they’ll be able reconnect with old fans, but ‘[b]Do You Remember[/b]’ sounds like a syllable-counting game, and closing with ‘[b]City By The Sea[/b]’ doesn’t remotely make for a clever final note. Even with the best will in the world we can’t say that Good Shoes have put their best foot forward. We don’t want to say that title’s prophetic, but…

[b]Kelly Murray[/b]

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