GoodBooks, Buffalo Bar, London; Thursday August 9

Lit-pop goodness at the Kent foursome’s summer residency

NME is scrambling for a pen when a pretty blonde comes over and gently strokes our hair. “Eurgh. Sorry mate, I totally thought you were someone else.” Right, thanks. We’re not the only ones who have fallen victim to mistaken identity though – the band themselves have admitted that Good Shoes’ existence on Planet Indie has confused some, and as the GoodBooks embark on their debut album adventure, singer-guitarist Max Cooke has been feeling “every emotion possible”.

But there’s plenty of love in the room for the second night of this residency at the shoebox known as the Buffalo Bar. Friends, girlfriends, parents and fanaticists from the first demo days are packed in, and there’s a feeling we could be watching a stadium band before their explosion. “I can’t believe my mum’s dancing,” gushes a charming Max Cooke, while bassplayer Chris and drummer Leopold give each other the, ‘This is it… it’s now or never’ look. The band are excited, the crowd are excited, and ‘Passchendaele’’s tale of World War One heartbreak grabs us with an iron fist before ‘The Illness’ establishes itself

as a searing, lit-pop live favourite.Shoes are cool and everything, but a good book broadens the mind and swells the heart.

Matt Warwick