Album Review: Groove Armada – ‘Black Light’ (Work It Out/Cooking Vinyl)

A pleasant surprise from the musical equivalent of 'playing it safe'

Groove Armada have always been a bit of a ‘default setting’ act cherished by those who can’t be arsed to get out there and dig. Favourite football team? Manchester United. Favourite meal? Spag bol. Favourite dance act? Groove Armada (Basement Jaxx are a bit too ‘out there’ for our liking). So it’s a pleasant surprise to report that ‘Black Light’ is fulfillingly dark disco, as if [a]Massive Attack[/a] had made ‘Protection’ with Giorgio Moroder on the mixing desk – you will not see baby shaking that ass on here. If anything, on the likes of ‘Warsaw’ and ‘Cards To Your Heart’, it gets too dark, but there’s enough funk in their trunk to ensure that the coffee table crowd won’t be too terrified. Who’dathunk?

Pete Cashmore

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