Album Review: Grouplove – ‘Never Trust A Happy Song’

...Can we really trust them though?

[a]Grouplove[/a] first caught our roving eye back in 2009, when their sunnier-than-thou dispositions and deft knack for melodies galore compelled us to wax lyrical about the Californian five-piece. And then…nothing, save for one solitary EP, in the last two years. Normally such behaviour would be considered the height of rudeness, but bad manners are easily excused when your debut album comes with such puppyish enthusiasm as ‘[b]Never Trust A Happy Song[/b]’. By now, the [a]Modest Mouse[/a]-tinged howling of ‘[b]Colours[/b]’ has become so wholly ubiquitous that it should be maddening, but its rudimentary yet ruddy brilliant chorus remains a thing of wonder; elsewhere, the ritzy romance of ‘[b]Slow[/b]’ is proof that [a]Grouplove[/a] can x angsty introspection with the sunlit nostalgia of the likes of ‘[b]Naked Kids[/b]’. Like most blasts of carefree romance, its charms may not endure – ‘[b]Spun[/b]’, for example, is so saccharine that it’s in danger of making your teeth itch – but often in this life, the sweetest things aren’t built to last forever.

Do you feel the charm of ‘[b]Slow[/b]’ …? (Listen below:)

Ben Hewitt



  • Record label: Atlantic
  • Release date: 05 Sep, 2011

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