Album review: Har Mar Superstar – ‘Dark Touches’

We are not aroused

Thought Har Mar’s spindly pubes bursting from the sides of his jock strap while doing his Ron Jeremy sex thang couldn’t get any fouler? Check out electro crotch-thruster ‘I Got Next’, where he sings about tasting a girl’s apple sauce. There’s nothing inherently wrong with apple sauce, but when it’s used to allude to Har Mar giving oral sex, the image conjured up will leave you gagging. Yeah, it’s his shtick, and you could laugh with him if the music was in any way exciting. Unfortunately, however, ‘Dark Touches’’ filth-funk fury is made impotent by sheer lack of hooks. A slew of weak spunk jokes is all that remains and you’re left being assured of just one thing: Har Mar is a wanker.

Alex Hoban

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