Album review: Heaven And Hell

The Devil You Know

Heaven And Hell are kind of Black Sabbath and they’re kind of not. With Ozzy stuck under Sharon’s thumb, his sometime replacement Ronnie James Dio and ’80s drummer Vinny Appice make up the numbers with Geezer Butler and Tommy Iommi. Even after 17 years without a Sabbath album, you have to question the point. They do their best to distance themselves from Actual Sabbath, but too often it’s by slouching through their Satanic netherworld, Dio’s cabaret bludgeoned down by lurching riffs and over-egged orchestration. ‘Bible Black’ might tower like an angry leviathan, but it’s just not ridiculous enough. Things only get really thrilling on the Steinman-esque ‘Eating The Cannibals’. Of course they do.

Dan Martin

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