10 Tracks You Have To Hear This Week (29/03/10)

Holy Fuck, Robyn, Yeasayer

1. Holy Fuck – ‘Latin America’
Carnivals, Caipirinhas, coffee, cocaine… Latin America hardly needs more reasons to be cool, but Holy Fuck have given the continent its new national anthem. If continents had national anthems, and pulsating synth-buggering electro-funk ones at that. You used to have to brave Chatroulette to hear this, but they’ve kindly posted it on penis-free blogs now.
[Free MP3]

2. Ryan Adams – ‘Electrosnake’
Ruffle-haired alt.country loverboy Ryan Adams has always had a teen-metal-geek side lurking beneath that plaid shirt. Side-project Werewolph indulged it safely, but now it seems his hairy affliction is no longer restricted to once-in-a-full-moon throwaways. Ryan claims his new album ‘Orion’ will be his “most legit metal record ever”. Going by this sexy beast, we’re more in chunky hard-rock than Judas Priest territory, so fear ye not, ‘Love Is Hell’ devotees.

3. Cults – ‘Go Outside’
If we were the kind of people who were into creating spurious movements and scenes out of nowhere (who, us?) we’d be calling this the Summer Of Swoon or something. Oh wait, it’s only the Spring Of Swoon, so far. Anyway, from the woozy doze-scapes of Memory Tapes and Toro Y Moi, to the doe-eyed puppy love of Summer Camp, if it’s not twinkly innocent dream-pop shot through with suggestions of raging hormones then we don’t want to know.



4. Team Ghost – ‘Colours In Time’
Nicolas Fromageau (that’s French for ‘cheesewater’, right?) was a founding member of synth-scapers M83. He left shortly after their second album, so subsequently never got to enjoy the breakthrough success of the radiant ‘Saturdays = Youth’. By the sound of it, though, he’s too busy with his new duo creating krauty, moody, rushing electro-dreampop like this, to give much of a stuff.
[Free MP3]

5. Robyn – ‘Fembot’
Adult pop is a tricky old game, but slightly unhinged boy-haired genius Robyn makes it look like child’s play. We’ve her since 2007’s ‘Robyn’ – but it seems she’s still ruling the school. This shunting, bleeping, animatronic taster of her new album features such characteristic lyrical genius as “I got a lot of automatic booty applications”. Got to love that.
[Listen Here]

6. O Children –‘Ruins’
Normally ‘schlock’ is a derogatory word. In the hands of such fabulous creatures as London ham-goth lunatics O Children, though, it’s a thing to be admired with no small degree of awe. They may have as much dark gravitas as cobweb tights, but they’re massive, massive, Christopher-Lee-shape-throwing fun. Somewhere between White Lies realising how ridiculous they are, and The Damned indulging in trick or treat larks, it’s wonderfully silly.


7. Lonely Galaxy – ‘Time’
Being chucked is rubbish, but it doesn’t half make for some great tunes. In the mode of howling-on-the-floor weepies such as Spiritualized’s ‘Broken Heart’, this will wring you out like the soggy, tear-stained T-shirt they forgot to take when they LEFT YOU AAAAHHH. This string-heaving beauty is just one of many Harry Granger-Howell has tucked away in the dark place in his heart.
[Listen Here]

8. Yeasayer – ‘One (XXXChange remix)’
Such is the rippling thrill that runs through Anand Wilder’s voice, we should have known this track would lend itself only too well to euphoric banger treatment. Spank-rock man XXXChange ramps up a maddeningly intense and dirty hard-house beat that builds to planetary proportions. “I like it when you lose control” indeed.
[Free MP3]


9. Three Trapped Tigers – ‘11’
We like music that confuses us so much it makes our nose bleed, and math/dim/glitch/electro flibbertigibbets TTT get out claret flowing. Flipping from Fuck Buttons-style radiant atmospherics to furiously abrasive and baffling riffage, they’re like eight bands in one, only not as fat as that makes them sound. They also follow the admirably austere ¡Forward, Russia! School of numbering songs instead of naming them. Guess what volume you should turn this one up to?
[Free MP3]



10. The Joy Formidable – ‘Popinjay’
This trio’s 2008 debut revealed one of the most perfectly fully-formed UK rock bands we’d seen in quite some time. This first single from their as-yet-untitled second album adds a darker, more narcotic edge to their alt influences, polishing up that Smashing Pumpkins influence ‘til it shines. You can’t live on pretty blog titbits alone, you know. sometimes you need some fat meaty riffs.



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