Hot Chip – ‘Flutes’

The best thing Hot Chip have released since ‘Over And Over’

For a second there, the title of [a]Hot Chip[/a]’s comeback single – from their forthcoming fifth album, ‘In Our Heads’ – kick-started all sorts of special feelings, dreaming as we were of a second smooth revival to follow up 2011’s sax-sleazy summer. Alexis, Joe, Owen, Felix and Al cracking out the pastel slacks, lurid cocktails and floating by on a woodwind breeze… Alas, there’s nary a piccolo, let alone an aerophone to be found here – but as Alexis croons, “[i]I know it’s nothing more than flutes/But something in my heart is loose[/i]” over an ominously inflating womp, it’s clear that this dangerous bout of the flutes has brought on a few tears in the club…

Perhaps influenced by Joe’s work as part of the rave-inclined 2 Bears, ‘Flutes’ is quite possibly – dare we say it – the best thing Hot Chip have released since ‘Over And Over’. It’s quite the dancefloor smorgasbord, clattering around beautifully cheesy, New Order-like percussive clatters, flighty synths designed to tickle warehouse rafters and Hot Chip’s trademark sense of measured euphoria. “[i]One day you might realise that you need to open your eyes[/i]”, Alexis sings over a tumble of bright notes, taking control of the situation that’s left his heart in tatters, wreaked by uncertainty. Here’s a definite though: this sublime return is giving us the horn.
[i]Laura Snapes[/i]



  • Record label: Domino