Hot Club De Paris: Everyeveryeverything

Follow-up to Sometimesitsbetternottostickbitsofeachot… oh, forget it

Say what you like about Hot Club, they do love to make long and unwieldy song titles that are difficult to type in, perhaps as an act of pre-emptive revenge against nasty music critics such as we. However, if they keep turning out excellent, constantly shifting exercises in off-kilter, angular guitar pop in the Postcard-era stylee, no such revenge will ever be necessary. Like Girls Aloud’s ‘Biology’ before it, Everyeveryeverything is presented as, not one, but three excellent mini-pop classics, grafted together with the minimum of fuss. There are loads of odd elements in here, and the drummer needs a gold medal for just being able to keep up with the absurd tempo changes (at one point, he practically has to go death metal), but the sum total of it all is a thoroughly charming freak of nature.

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