Album review: Hudson Mohawke – ‘Butter’

Dig a little deep and there's some melodies to be had here

Figuring ‘wonky’ just won’t do, Glasgow whizzkid [a]Hudson Mohawke[/a] has provided some suggestions as to what to call his overripe electronica. Neither ‘hologram rock’ nor ‘irridescent body music’ are likely to catch on, but at least they give you a clue as to what’s in the box. ‘Fruit Touch’ is a treacly [a]Squarepusher[/a], ‘FUSE’ is the theme tune to a kids’ science show hosted by Pharrell and George Clinton, and ‘Just Decided’ sounds like Cameo trapped in Super Mario World. ‘Butter’ is twitchier than a smoker on a 12-hour flight, and you wish Hud-Mo would have more confidence in his majestic melodies before shredding them. For the intrepid listener, though, this is popping candy for the ears.

Sam Richards

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