Album Review: Iron & Wine – Kiss Each Other Clean (4AD)

A surprising and majestic triumph

Sam Beam is a man of many guises: from the fey troubadour who gave us the heartbreaking serenade of ‘Jezebel’, to the über political beast that vented his frustrations on album ‘The Shepherd’s Dog’. The Biblical references are still pretty prevalent on his fourth record (even if it is just to call Jesus’ resurrected pal an “emancipated punk” on ‘Me And Lazarus’); and the balladeering ‘Walking Far From Home’ is comfortingly familiar. But there’s a pop-funk hand at work here, fused with acrid jazz (‘Rabbit Will Run’), and furious energy (‘Your Fake Name Is Good Enough For Me’), which makes ‘Kiss Each Other Clean’ a surprising and majestic triumph.

Ash Dosanjh

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