Album Review: J Mascis – Several Shades of Why (Sub Pop)

Business as usual minus the volume

The good news is that, stripped of the safety net of early-’90s sludge and backed by (mostly) acoustic guitars, J’s croak sounds right at home on ‘Several Shades Of Why’ (and you can hear the lyrics).

The bad news is just that… well, after 20-odd years of that same, relentless fuzz solo, now it’s gone you find yourself missing it. Badly. It’s just so intrinsically linked to that voice.

The songs are great, but as titles like ‘Not Enough’ and ‘Make It Right’ suggest, they’re very much business-as-usual, minus the noise, plus a guest spot from Ben Band Of Horses. For four songs you’ll find it tender and comforting – then you just start craving VOLUME.

Hamish MacBain


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