James Iha – ‘Look To The Sky’

The long-time-coming follow-up to Iha’s 1998 debut ‘Let It Come Down’

Yeah, him: the guitarist who co-founded The Smashing Pumpkins with Billy Corgan in 1987, left in 2000, and is now a solo artist. ‘Look To The Sky’ is the long-time-coming follow-up to the 44-year-old’s 1998 debut ‘Let It Come Down’, and features some almost exciting guest spots. Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ Karen O provides backing vocals on the electro-throb of ‘Waves’, but you wouldn’t know she was there unless someone told you. Unfortunately the same goes for O’s bandmate Nick Zinner’s guitar work on the acoustic ‘Dream Tonight’, plus Television’s Tom Verlaine on the mid-tempo plod of ‘Till Next Tuesday’ and the piano and bass squelch on ‘Appetite’. Intriguing, but unsatisfying.

Tom Howard

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