James Yorkston – ‘I Was A Cat From A Book’

No one needs to hear Yorkston get sexy with his 10th album

When Scotsman James Yorkston sings “The act of giving love can fool you into believing that you’re receiving love” on ‘Sometimes The Act Of Giving Love’, it feels as unnecessary as your dad trying to explain twerking. Yorkston, y’see, is in his early 40s, and ‘I Was A Cat…’ is his 10th album. No-one ever needs to hear the guy getting sexy. The record as a whole is full of wan acoustic guitar tunes in desperate need of that mysterious quality of oomph. The only track that displays any is the proper ballsy ‘Border Song’, which features a full backing band trying to keep up with Yorkston’s rapid ramblings. More of that please.

Anna Conrad



  • Record label: Domino
  • Release date: 13 Aug, 2012