Album review: Jason Lytle

Yours Truly, The Commuter

So far in 2009, the late Grandaddy’s influence has been reduced to an ice-cream van-style jingle to open Charlie Brooker’s Newswipe (their ‘AM 180’ soundtracks it), so it’s great having frontman Jason Lytle back to remind us there’s more to his songwriting than tee-ing up half an hour of sarcastic moanings about Sky News. While 2000’s ‘The Sophtware Slump’ will remain Lytle’s Mona Lisa, there are enough warm Grandaddyisms here to break a smile through the follicles. Specifically, his spectral vocals comfort like new bedsheets, lyrics straddle tranquillity and loss (‘Ghost Of My Old Dog’) and there are enough sun-over-hill-moments (‘Brand New Sun’) that hold their own against his Snowdon-high standards.

Jamie Fullerton

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