Album Review: Jesca Hoop – Snowglobe EP (Last Laugh)

Haunting elegance revealing itself on her latest release

[a]Jesca Hoop[/a]’s always possessed a bewitching murmur of a voice, but on ‘Snowglobe’ she drapes it unevenly over a sparse canvas with an awkwardness that never quite reveals itself. Lingering guitar, embellished sparingly, meanders of its own accord away from her vocal melodies, with percussion only breaking through briefly on the title track.

With ‘City Bird’ dripping in a sultry brass-tinged hue and ‘While You Were Away’ echoing in cold air, it’s left to the a cappella ‘Storms Make Grey The Sea’ to provide ‘Snowglobe’’s most tender moment, a late revelation from a deceptively opaque EP.

Simon Jay Catling

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